Dato' Hj. Bukhari Bin Abdullah, DSDK., AMK., BCK.​
Yang Dipertua
Sik District Council


Assalamualaikum and Good Day.

I would like to say thank you and welcome to all Official Website Of Sik District Council visitors. This website is one of the channels to deliver information to all levels of society.  All information in this website is constantly updated from time to time to facilitate the community to be informed in the latest activities of Sik District Council.

To make MDS a competent PBT, financial resource is crucial. Amongst the financial resources of MDS are rental and assessment tax. There are still a lot of rental and assessment tax arrears that are still not paid by the tenants and taxpayers. Therefore, the Council urges all tenants and taxpayers to pay their debt arrears as soon as possible. The Council has conducted various programmes to encourage tenants and taxpayers to settle their arrears.

Meet with Clients Day and LA 21 Programme are amongst the programmes that are held to bring the society closer with MDS and in addition it can encourage them to pay their rental and assessment tax arrears.

In addition to that, MDS is also planning strategies to further develop the tourism sector in Sik to attract the local and international tourists' interests. Many of the tourism sectors are focusing on recreational parks and resorts located in Sik district. The latest attraction in Sik district is grape farm industry by Syarikat Excel Agrotech Sdn. Bhd. that are located at Tasik Beris.

By having this website facility, I hope it can provide beneficial information to all level of society especially regarding the areas under MDS administration and generally the Kedah state.

Last but not least, I'm welcoming all visitors to visit this website. I'm so proud if all visitors can give their concrete suggestions and comments to improve the Official Website Of Sik District Council and Sik District Council itself. Have a happy visit to Official Website Of Sik District Council, Kedah Darul Aman.

Thank you.